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Nurture healthy client relationships

LawVu works alongside your existing practice management and communication systems to transform the way you collaborate with your best clients.


Innovating in Law Firms can be hard, but LawVu provides the innovation your clients crave

Ease of use

LawVu is an easy to learn, intuitive and beautiful software experience for the legal market


Differentiate your offering and give your best clients every reason to stay loyal

Stay ahead of the pack

Clients expectations are changing and so should your service delivery. Tick the innovation box and deliver unparalleled service with LawVu.

Key benefits

Become a better service provider

It’s not easy balancing the demands of a busy practice with the changing needs of your clients. LawVu understands both and is designed to help service providers deliver greater value with less effort.

No more monthly reports

Creating monthly status reports for your largest clients is a cumbersome process that can take someone days, and even then it’s often incomplete. With LawVu, your client can login at anytime and get real-time updates of all their matters.

Tick the innovation box for free

If your client has a LawVu account and is sending you instructions, you get to use the system to look amazing at absolutely no cost! Perfect for firms who are wanting to innovate, but aren’t quite sure where to start.

Receive live feedback

Every time a matter is completed you’ll receive feedback and an NPS score right there and then. It means you can proactively address any issues and ensures there are no surprises come review time.

What our customers say

“We now get agreement on a scope of work in minutes. Our monthly reporting burden has disappeared, write-offs are down and our LawVu clients are really happy. “

SIMON COLLETT, Partner, Holland Beckett lawyers

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