LawVu transforms the way you
manage your legal team.

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Stop managing legal from your inbox

Use LawVu to manage your legal team and transform the way they collaborate with internal clients and outside counsel. LawVu is an end to end legal management system that creates a reliable system of record that helps to give you a clear picture of legal issues past and present.


Create matters internally or send them directly to outside counsel


Transparency and understanding from the outset



Take a hands-on role or sit back and monitor progress


Visualise your data to make better decisions

One simple change gives visibility and control

Sending instructions using our simple “New Matter” form takes no more time than an email would to complete, but the result is incomparable.

Key benefits

Manage issues internally

LawVu can be used to better manage issues with your internal clients while giving managers a suite of analytics tools to spot and manipulate trends.

Better scoping

LawVu supercharges your instructions and gives external counsel a simple way to reply with cost estimates, timelines and strategy. Getting this right at the start makes all the difference.


Our simple interface lets matter managers create simple task lists and assign work to users inside or outside your organisation. Save task lists, documents and resources as templates to be used again.

Improved Collaboration

Easily see what is going on across your matters, then drill down to a single matter and collaborate with people from multiple organisations.


It all comes together in our beautiful dashboards and reporting suites that help you show off all the good work you and your team have been doing.

What our customers say

“The simple shift to sending instructions via LawVu has given me more control and total visibility of all legal work across my organisation”

MICHELLE PADDISON, Head of legal, Tauranga City Council

Focus on delivering and
displaying your true value

For a long time, in-house legal has been seen as a cheaper alternative to external counsel. That’s changing fast, and in-house teams are being asked to have a more hands-on role in managing an organisations legal obligations. Triaging new issues, routing work, providing quality control of instructions and opinions and controlling costs.

LawVu is the tool you need to help with everything from logging potential issues as they arise, to negotiating a scope of work with external counsel to measuring departmental spend.

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